- On request, the ride of your choice, the day and the hour that we define together. Discounted rates depending on the number of participants.
-  Contact : lo.guignon@free.fr / +33 6 82 60 28 77

- Saturday, May 26 : "The Green Montmartre Hike". 10 euros per adult.
Contact : lo.guignon@free.fr / +33 6 82 60 28 77

- Through a pleasant walk in the streets of Paris, you discover varied and emblematic sites of ecology in the capital.
- These eco-walks will allow you to discover places to eat eco / organic / recycled / eco-labeled / without packaging / local ...
- But not only ! Ressourcerie-recycling, shared gardens, air pollution measurement stations, environmental associations, pedestrian streets, public or private entities related to ecology will be at the rendezvous.
- Naturally, biodiversity is also on the agenda.
- We will discuss the history of Paris, and the history of France through the sites crossed.
- We will also discuss the links between ecology and the history of places, between ecology and urbanism. Through what we will see "physically", we will discuss themes as diverse as circular economy, transport, the link between art and ecology, organic, recycling, green consumption, "recycled" historic sites, waste, air pollution, water, gardens, etc.
- Among the dozens of stops planned for each stroll, you will discover some addresses and some ecology sites unique in Paris, and some even sometimes unique in the world!

Guided and commented visits of the green Paris

Laurent Guignon

Your guide, founder of Ecolo Tour Paris

« Show what exists, what can be done on a daily basis near home, guide consumption to become sustainable, raise awareness, redirect waste life so that they become resources... All while learning the history and near future of our city, our environment »


J’habite et je travaille dans Paris depuis 1995. Je suis écologiste engagé depuis 2002.

Passionné par Paris et par l’écologie, je parle français, anglais et espagnol.

J’ai créé Ecolo Tour Paris en décembre 2015. Cette activité me passionne, et j’ai à cœur de partager avec vous ce que je connais de Paris, et de son lien avec l’écologie au cours de ces balades.

Laurent Guignon, fondateur d’Ecolo Tour Paris. http://www.ecolotour.paris/

Tél : 06 82 60 28 77. Numéro de téléphone international : 00 33 6 82 60 28 77

Page facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EcoloTourParis

E-mail personnel : lo.guignon@free.fr

[en]-I was born in Touraine in 1972, and I grew up on the banks of the Loire. Paris has always made me dream.

- I live and work in the French capital since 1995, and I am a committed ecologist since 2002.

- Passionated of Paris AND ecology, I speak French, English and Spanish.

- I created Ecolo Tour Paris in December 2015. This activity fascinates me, and I am eager to share with you what I know about Paris and ecology during these walks.

Laurent Guignon, founder of Ecolo Tour Paris. http://www.ecolotour.paris/

Tel: 06 82 60 28 77. International telephone number: 00 33 6 82 60 28 77

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EcoloTourParis

Personal e-mail: lo.guignon@free.fr

[es] - Nací en Touraine en 1972 y crecí en las orillas del Loira. París siempre me ha hecho soñar.

- Vivo y trabajo en la capital francesa desde 1995, y soy un ecologista comprometido desde 2002.

- Passionado de París Y de la ecología, hablo francés, inglés y español.

- Creé Ecolo Tour Paris en diciembre de 2015. Esta actividad me fascina, y estoy ansioso por compartir con ustedes lo que sé sobre París y la ecología durante estos paseos.

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